Advanced Guard

Protect your assets with high definition radar security solutions

AdvanceGuard is a credible alternative to high cost manned guarding and provides a reliable, cost effective solution that delivers continuous automatic surveillance. From small sites to large complex compounds, the AdvanceGuard High Definition Radar security system provides the most comprehensive security solution available. It is ideal for applications such as airports, critical national infrastructure and commercial installations. The system detects, tracks and identifies threats, and by detecting beyond the perimeter, it can identify potential intruders before they can enter the site.

High Definition Radar

AdvanceGuard's patented High Definition Radar technology provides clarity between objects, allowing differentiation between two targets that are close together. This is important to determine whether a target is a small animal, a person, or a vehicle and to identify if the target is moving close to a fixed object. AdvanceGuard is able to separate objects that are just 25cm apart. A lower definition security radar may struggle to distinguish between objects many metres apart.

Reasons to Specify High Definition Radar:

  • Precise location of objects to within 25cm, for complete situational awareness
  • Determine size of object: animal, person, vehicle, aircraft
  • Differentiates between target and infrastructure e.g. a person close to a fence

Accutrack Technology

Simply put, Accutrack Technology provides operators with complete situational awareness by using the intuitive user interface to accurately display and track objects.

  • Fast update rate
  • Precise target location
  • Automatic camera control
  • Continuous data recording
  • Plan view, GIS based display
  • Detailed object data e.g. speed and bearing

AdvanceGuard sensors have a fast update rate and can complete a full 360° scan several times a second. During each scan, up to 200 objects per sensor are accurately positioned and displayed to the operator. The sophisticated tracking algorithms follow the movement of each object to provide speed and direction information. The combination of high definition radar sensors and advanced real-time statistical processing gives AdvanceGuard the ability to more accurately detect, track and identify objects with fewer false alarms than traditional low frequency radars. We call this Accutrack Technology. A user can simply click on a target to obtain precise co-ordinates, size, direction of travel and track history. This information is continually recorded to AdvanceGuards database, to allow historical analysis or evidence to be produced.


AdvanceGuard's distributed architecture allows sensors to be placed anywhere. This ensures that even the most obscured areas are covered. Matching the range of the sensor to the line of sight enables complete coverage that is cost effective and fault tolerant. Installation is not reliant on existing infrastructure as AdvanceGuard can use wireless communication and renewable energy, such as solar panels, to run the low power sensors.

Traditional radar based security systems utilise high power, long range sensors, often located in a central position. While these solutions are good for large open areas with an unobstructed view, their effectiveness is often impaired in cluttered environments such as airports.

Three Sensor Types

  • HDR 100 Series - Our lowest cost sensor and with a refresh rate of up to 4 times a second, the 100 series is ideal for high precision coverage of small areas. Examples include, sterile areas between fences, and areas with restricted line of site.
  • HDR 200 Series - The HDR200 series is the most frequently specified sensor. Sensors in this range are ideally suited for a line of sight of several hundred metres. This is typical of most industrial complexes and other critical national infrastructure sites. Sensors in this series complete a full 360° scan twice a second with range resolution of just 25cm.
  • HDR 300 Series - For applications with unobstructed line of sight for up to 3km, the HDR 300 series provides our most cost effective coverage. The HDR300s are typically used in airports,deserts, and other clear flat applications.

The beamwidths from all sensors are available in either the standard narrow beam configuration or the X-variant, that have an additional close range infill beam of approximately 25 degrees.

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