Antares Network Management

One of the biggest challenges facing administrators of complex networks is monitoring the health of assets in the network. Nanometrics offers a network management solution that gives you visibility over the healthof all of the assets in your network: Antares Network Management.

Antares Network Management is a network management and diagnostic tool that allows network administrators to assess the overall status of the network at a glance and to drill down into network issues in a wide range of areas including power, data availability, timing, latency,configuration, and firmware versions.

Antares Network Management uses SOH data, log files, and configuration information available from the various assets in the network as well as data derived by monitoring data availability, latency, and error correction workload to provide a status of network performance. This data is compared to thresholds and performance level criteria, which in turn allows Antares Network Management to identify important network changes or issues and provide notifications.
All of this processing is undertaken by the Antares Network Management Web server and presented on a highly intuitive Web client, enabling users to remotely view SOH information through detailed charts, graphs,tables, and timelines. Using the same Web client, administrative tasks are simplified.  Users are able to deploy firmware to selected assets, or configure Antares Network Management to monitor and analyze real-time and historical SOH data from a variety of instruments and recorders in the network.

Antares Network Management also plays a role in asset management and configuration management by building a logical view of the network on startup and identifying the various assets under management and their relationship to one another. Users can quickly determine where instruments are located and track data paths through the network to determine which field units are sending data via Apollo Server or over other communications links. Further drilling down allows a review of error correction statistics for units or communications links and to review parameters such as latency, bandwidth used, and error correction rates etc

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