Apollo Project

Apollo Project is an advanced data archive application that ensures that all data are included in the archive in the format of choice. Apollo Project is the only archiving solution that automatically tracks data availability updating the archive whenever any old or missing data becomes available.  Apollo Project will manage the archiving of any data recorded by Apollo Server or Taurus.Users can specify on-going continuous, one time, event or trigger based archive projects and can run numerous archive projects in parallel.Output formats include MiniSEED, SEGY, SAc or ASCII.

Apollo Project has five project types:

  • Archive projects retrieve data from sources that are continually updated, such as a directory on a computer that has new data saved to it periodically, or a multicast group of Nanometrics instruments thathas different instruments active at different times. You can schedule Archive projects to run automatically.
  • One Time projects retrieve a single time segment of data.
  • Controlled Source projects retrieve data specified as a set ofshots.
  • Triggers projects retrieve data specified by a trigger list in comma-separated value (CSV) format.
  • Field Archive projects perform recurring data retrievals, storing the time of the current retrieval on the Nanometrics instrument.
  • Data for time series channel groups can be downloaded inMiniSEED, SAC (binary format), Seisan, or SEGY format, depending on the project type.
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