Apollo Waveform

Apollo Waveform provides a simple, intuitive interface to view real-time time-series wave forms from a streaming data source such as Apollo Server or field instruments. Apollo Server and instruments stream data to Waveform through a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) socket, allowing Waveform to be installed on any computer with a network connection to the Apollo Server computer or to the streaming instruments.

Waveform allows you to subscribe to any time-series channel data from any streaming data source. For each subscribed channel, Waveform displays a plot with a trace plus the following computed signal statistics:

  • SPS (samples per second)
  • Max (maximum)
  • Min (minimum)
  • Avg (mean)
  • RMS (root mean square)

These statistics apply to the time-series values that are currently displayed in the plot as below:

You can subscribe to an unlimited number of channels. All traces use the same time scale, but you can scale each trace individually on the vertical axis.

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