Atlas was developed by Nanometrics as an interactive data processing package for extracting, locating, and organizing digital seismograph data from Earthworm databases, SEED files, Nanometrics Data Server and Nanometrics Stores.

Generate trace data packages events using data from Nanometrics data servers, Nanometrics Stores, picks, and analysis results

  • Access data from Earth worm databases; Nanometrics data servers; and Nanometrics Stores over any network or Internet connection
  • Import/export SEED files
  • Merge traces from events in other databases

View and Pick events using the intuitive interface

  • Sort traces by first phase time or by channel name
  • View multiple events simultaneously from several data sources
  • Edit event and solution names

Edit existing events create phase, duration, and amplitude picks,create multiple solutions, and manipulate trace data

  • Load and add trace data to events
  • Correct for instrument response
  • Do magnitude estimations:
  • based on corrected signal amplitude
  • based on duration
  • calculated using Hypo inverse
  • Calculate event location solutions, using Hypo inverse
  • Edit the Hypo inverse phase input file
  • Add comments to solutions and events
  • Recalculate individual or all amplitude picks

Create digital filters and apply them individually or as a group to trace data

  • Instrument deconvolution
  • Instrument simulation
  • Trend removal
  • Ground motion conversion
  • S-plane and Z-plane filters,using either poles and zeroes or coefficients for the transfer function
  • Butterworth filters

Work with fully interactive maps that combine a geographical display of stations and epicentres with various attributes of the event, see which stations contributed to the solution, make adjustments, calculate a new solution, and compare with another solution

Load and display maps that use any of several file formats:

  • ArcInfo
  • ESRIshape files
  • DTED
  • Raster files JPEG and GIF

Apply various projections:

  • Mercator
  • Lambert Conformal Conic
  • Stereographic
  • Identity projection (no projection)

Customize map data settings?almost any aspect of an event can be shown:be it a P-pick residual or a magnitude, using a variety of widgets
Do a spectral analysis of any trace or trace segment
Easily create HTML bulletins to view and distribute summaries of events
Easily post bulletins to Athena

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