The Centaur digital recorder is a portable seismic acquisition system that consists of a high-resolution 24-bit ADC, a precision GPS clock, and removable storage capabilities. The Centaur is available in both 3- or 6-channel versions, as well as with a high-gain option. Its ease of use simplifies high-performance seismic deployments in both remote and networked environments.

The Centaur now has expandable memory and even lower power requirements. In fact, the 3-channel version requires less than 1 watt with telemetry. The on-board 8GB memory (standard on both 3- and 6-channel) is expandable up to 64GB by adding an internal SD card.

Exceptional Performance
  • Sample rates up to 5000 sps to support geothermal and/or passive seismic data acquisition
  • Ultra-low noise floor for use with high performance broadband seismometers
  • True 24-bit performance in 3- or 6-channel configurations
  • Rugged field enclosure rated for continuous submersion
Deployment & Data
Easy Deployment & Data Retrieval
  • Multilingual web interface
  • Direct write to MiniSEED archive
  • Removable media via SD card or USB
  • Comprehensive real-time communications, including SEEDLink support
  • Rugged field enclosure rate for continuous submersion
Onboard Data Processing
  • Advanced bandpassed triggering
  • Derived data products, including PGA, PGV, and PGD
  • Acquisition and data management of high precision GPX data (BINEX)
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