Understand and keep track of the past. Visualize data in real time. Anticipate the future and better prepare for global climate change: efficient management of climate data has become a must.

Discover Clisys: a cutting-edge climate data management and production system that will allow you to secure your climate heritage, carry out all useful analysis and deliver personalized climate products.

Let Clisys turn your climate database into a highly valuable resource and a real decision-making tool.

  • Collect and safely store all your climate data (historic as well as real time data).
  • Allow an extensive management of your metadata making your climate database richer and more accurate.
  • Ensure an efficient quality control of your data to make sure your data series are precise and relevant.
  • Provide a flexible and scalable production system in order to add value to your raw data and be able to deliver standard climatological reports and statistics, as well as customized products (graphs, charts, maps, etc.) especially elaborated to fulfill the needs of a specific end-user.
  • Enable easy access to your data and share your heritage worldwide according to your data policy and WIS recommendations.

These are Clisys key functionalities. The system has many more. For further details, contact us.

  • A web-based architecture: through a simple internet browser, user-friendly interfaces and user rights policy, Clisys offers an easy and instantaneous access to data management, product elaboration or system administration.
  • A unified data storage structure: all your data and metadata are stored in one unique powerful database ensuring thereby the centralization and the uniqueness of all information.
  • A reliable monitoring system: Clisys provides you with maps and reports concerning the condition of your observation network.
  • A flexible and open data import system: Clisys is able to ingest all types of climate data. Whether they are historical, coming in real-time from automatic weather stations or from Global Telecommunication System, they will be easily acquired and stored by the system.
  • Highly efficient quality control mechanisms: are your data exact? Should some figures be tagged as outliers and should they be corrected? The value of your climate database lies in its accuracy. This is why Clisys runs control quality tests all along the process, from data ingestion to storage. Of course, the system keeps track of all modifications brought to your data.
  • A full compliance with WMO practices and recommendations: Clisys was evaluated by WMO and declared fully compliant. It is listed on the WMO website as one of the leading CDMS on the market.
  • The best way to apprehend Clisys uniqueness is to visualize it! Contact us for a demo.

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