Vaisala DigiCORA Sounding System MW31


Vaisala leads the world in BUFR messaging

The Vaisala DigiCORA® Sounding System simplifies daily synoptic observation by receiving, processing and forwarding meteorological information surely and securely. It is also an excellent tool for research as well as for special measurement campaigns. It gives a meteorologist comfortable control over the sounding process by integrating sounding controls, archiving the sounding data, and meteorological message creation. For routine soundings the system offers a variety of features and allows the desired balance of manual vs. automatic control.

In addition to the traditional alphanumeric messages, the system software produces the WMO specified BUFR messages. This feature enables users to follow the WMO's recommendation to move from traditional alphanumeric codes to binary BUFR codes.

The new version of MW31 is also compatible with Windows 7. This new system is based on the Sounding Processing Subsystem, which uses software-defined radiotechnology. The combined Vaisala Radiosonde and code-correlating GPS with DigiCORA® offers the world’s highest level of PTU measurement performance and continuous wind data availability.

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