Vaisala DigiCORA Unmanned Sounding System AUTOSONDE


Automatic Sounding Station Vaisala AUTOSONDE® is an important tool in the drive for meteorological data availability. With AUTOSONDE, national weather services can extend the coverage of their upper-air networks to geographically remote, hard-to-reach locations and thus develop a more comprehensive synoptic upper-air program. AUTOSONDE has proved itself over the years in a wide range of climates. It is an integral part of many national upper-air networks.

AUTOSONDE can be configured to suit the characteristics of the proposed site. It launches radiosondes in unmanned operation, automatically receives the radiosonde signals, converts the signals to meteorological messages, and forwards the messages to the national weather service.

The AUTOSONDE system software is Windows®-based. The sounding schedule and other settings are entered in the intuitive Graphical User Interface, either onsite or remotely from a remote terminal. Working at a central operations site, the meteorologist can interrupt AUTOSONDE‚Äôs regular sounding schedule and launch radiosondes in order to measure e.g. extreme weather events.

The Vaisala AUTOSONDE® is one of the several Vaisala's weather observation systems which can be monitored on Vaisala Observation Network Manager platform.

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