Vaisala Fault Analysis and Lightning Location System™ FALLS® Client and FALLS® Server


Improve Reliability with Vaisala FALLS®

Vaisala FALLS (Fault Analysis and Lightning Location System) is user-friendly software that allows utilities and wind farm operators the ability to quickly determine if lightning has affected an asset. Whether you decide to own your own FALLS Server, or simply run the FALLS Client version of the software, you can quickly analyze events and access historical lightning data for both near-real time and past occurrences. FALLS software allows you to be proactive in your approach to determining damage caused by lightning.

In addition, to being proactive, the software provides the ability to quickly and easily perform fault correlations on an event-by-event basis, obtain statistics concerning the number of lightning events or magnitudes for design, and evaluate lightning challenges to a line or area for input to maintenance prioritization.

Vaisala FALLS is used by 80% of the top revenue-generating electric utilities in the United States. It is also incorporated into the operations of electric utilities in 15 countries worldwide.

Features and Benefits

  • User-friendly software
  • Data loads quickly saving you time
  • Execute other tasks while the analyses run in the background
  • Base map is easy to change, and you can have more than one open for studies
  • Easy to add and create new assets
  • Save as many studies as you need for review later
  • Displays only the data you want so that you can focus your efforts and work efficiently
  • Access to over 20 years of historical lightning data using Vaisala TLD100 and TLD200
  • Linux-based platform is widely used and accepted, it has a strong reputation, and is a robust system for collecting and analyzing data
Technical Specifications
Computer requirements for FALLS Client
Processor Minimum2.1 GHz Intel Pentium 4, Intel Xeon, Intel Core Duo, or AMD Athlon equivalent
Operating SystemWindows 7 Pro, Windows XP SP3
RAMRecommended - 2 GB or higher
Hard Disk5 GB of available space: 850 MB for install, up to 50 MB of disk space may be needed in the Windows System directory (typically C:\\Windows\System32), 3GB of available space to be allocated for swap, temporary files, and saved analyses
Display Card24-bit capable graphics accelerator card
Screen Resolution Recommended1280 x 1024, 32-bit color, Minimum 1024 x 768, 32-bit color
Browser RecommendedMicrosoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
Other Recommended MinimumDVD-ROM drive DVD is required to install FALLS, but not to run it
Computer requirements for FALLS Server
The FALLS® Server resides on a single or multiprocessor server. It includes the Vaisala lightning database software license. The FALLS® Server utilizes a powerful, open source, relational database system by PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL has a proven architecture that has earned a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity and correctness.
Hardware Minimum Specifications
- Internet connectivity is a must for installation (T1 speed is recommended)
- Tower or rack mount form factor
- One (1) or more physical CPU’s, x86_64 compatible, 2 GHz or faster. Dual-core or better.
- Four (4) or more internal hard drives, each 500 GB or larger.
- A minimum of 3 disks configured as RAID 5 and one disk as a hot spare to the RAID set.
- 32 GB minimum RAM
- Two (2) USB 2.0 ports or more
- Two (2) NIC ethernet ports (100/1000 Mbps)
- DVD +RW burner
- Red Hat Enterprise 5.5 Operating System Software 64-bit edition
- RHEL5** compatible modem

* Computer hardware is subject to change. In case of evolution of an item, an equivalent or better item will be provided.
** RHEL5 release at 5.3 or greater.

Additional specifications are provided on the product datasheet (see Documents tab).
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