Vaisala HydroMet Automatic Weather Station MAWS201


The Vaisala HydroMet™ Automatic Weather Station MAWS201 is a portable AWS for temporary installations, featuring the same design as the Vaisala TacMet Tactical Meteorological Observation System MAWS201M for demanding tactical meteorological applications. Its lightweight aluminium tripod and easy-to-use connectors make it fast to set up. Each leg is adjustable for use on uneven terrain. The MAWS201 is field-proven in a wide range of applications:

  • Meteorological research
  • Civil defense
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Emergency response
  • Fire weather
  • Waste management

The basic suite of sensors typically measures wind, pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and precipitation. In addition, measurements can be taken of e.g. multi-level soil temperature, soil moisture, global and net solar radiation, water level, and temperature. Generic and configurable 16 bit A/D conversion is included in case you want to interface your own sensors. In addition to the standard meteorological and statistical calculations, the extended calculation library also includes evapotranspiration, heat index, forest fire index, wind chill and many others.

With 5 basic sensors, a solar panel and a battery the MAWS201 weighs just 15 kg. It can be transported in two lightweight carry cases made of cellular polypropylene (EPP), a lightweight but very rugged material that provides excellent protection. The cases are equipped with handles, hinges, wheels and latches for padlocks.

Technical Specifications
Vaisala Data Logger QML201
Processor32-bit Motorola
A/D conversion24bit
Data logging memory
Internal3.3 MB internal flash memory
OptionalUp to 2GB on optional, compact flash memory card
Sensor inputs
Analog10 analog inputs (20 single-ended inputs)
Frequency2 counter/frequency inputs
Internal channel for BARO-1pressure transducer
Accuracy over operating temperature range-50 °C ... +60 °C
Temperature (Pt-100) measurementsRange -50 °C ... +60 °C
Uncertainty across measured temperatureBetter than ± 0.04 °C
Voltage measurement
±5 V rangeBetter than 0.06 % reading ± 100 µV
±2.5 V rangeBetter than 0.04 % reading ± 50 µV
±250 mV rangeBetter than 0.06 % reading ± 6 µV
±25 mV rangeBetter than 0.06 % reading ± 5 µV
Frequency measurements0.003 % + resolution 241 nsec. (up to 4 kHz)
Common mode range+5 V / -4 V
Real-time clockAccuracy better than 20 sec/month
Serial communication
StandardRS-232 and RS-485
Two (2) optional plug-in slots for communication
Optionalmodules for increasing the number of serial I/O channels up to 8 pcs
Speed300 ... 19,200 bps
ParametersConfigurable speed, start bits, data bits, stop bits, parity, XON/XOFF and check-sum
External powering
Voltage8 ... 30 VDC recommended (30 V max.)
Power consumption< 10 mA/6 V (typically with 5 basic sensors)
Mains power QMP21385 ... 264 VAC
Mains power QMP201C85 ... 264 VAC
with 12 W solar panel and 7 Ah back-up battery
Operating–40 ... +60 °C
Storage–50 ... +70 °C
Humidity0 ... 100 % RH
EmissionsCISPR 22 class B (EN55022)
ESD immunityIEC 61000-4-2
RF field immunityIEC 61000-4-3
EFT immunityIEC 61000-4-4
Surge (lightning pulse)IEC 61000-4-5
Conducted RF immunityIEC 61000-4-6
Temperature, relative humidityHMP155
Solar radiationQMS101, QMS102, QMN101
Soil/water temperatureQMT103, QMT110, QMT107
Soil moistureML3x
Multi-weather sensorWXT520
Weight example:
Portable system with 3 m tripod15 kg
(pressure, temperature/humidity and wind sensors)
Basic enclosure
MaterialAnodized aluminum
Ingress protectionNEMA 4X, IP66
DimensionsDiameter 120 mm, height 420 mm
Weight3 kg
Options and accessories
Communication modulesDSU232, DSI485A, DSI486
Mains power supplyQMP213
Solar/mains power supplyQMP201C
Carry cases for MAWS201QMM110, QMM120
UHF radio modem setSATEL3ASET-M2
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