Vaisala Maritime Observation System AWS430

  • Designed specially for critical maritime weather applications
  • High-quality anti-corrosive design and EMC characteristics that comply with Lloyd’s Register and IEC 60945 requirements
  • High data availability
  • Built in test procedures and data validation
  • Accurate true wind calculation even from multiple sensors
  • Meets NMEA 0183 and IEC 1162-1 requirements for data communication
  • Complies with CAP 437 requirements
Technical Specifications
operating-50 ... +60 °C (-58 ... 140 °F)
storage-50 ... +70 °C (-58 ... 158 °F)
In compliance with Lloyd’s Register (LR) Type Approval System, Test Specification Number 1; 2002, Performance and Environmental
Test Specification for the Environmentally Tested Products used in Marine and Offshore Applications, and IEC 60945 International Standard, 4th edition, 2002-08, Maritime Navigation and Radio communication Equipment and Systems - General Requirements
Methods of Testing and Required Test Results, as follows:
ShockIEC 60068-2-6/IEC 60945
Dry heatMIL-STD-202G, Method 213B, cond. J
Damp Heat CyclicIEC 60068-2-2/IEC 60068-2-48
Extreme conditionsIEC 60068-2-30
Low temperatureIEC 60068-2-3, Test Ca
Rain & sprayIEC 60068-2-1 Test Ab/Ad
Corrosion & Salt mistIEC 60529/IEC 60945
Conducted LF immunityIEC60068-2-52, test Kb/VDA 621-415
Conducted RF immunityIEC 61000-4-16
EFT immunityIEC 61000-4-6
Surge immunityIEC 61000-4-4
ESD immunityIEC 61000-4-5
Dielectric testsIEC 61000-4-2
Conducted emissionsIEC 60947-2
Radiated emissionsCISPR 22 **)
RF field immunityCISPR 22 **)
Insulation resistanceIEC 61000-4-3
Power supply short term variation immunityIEC 60092-504
Power supply failure immunity
MaterialsIEC 61000-4-11
IEC 61000-4-11/IEC 60092-504
Acid-proof stainless steel
Anodized sea aluminum
outdoor enclosureUV resistant plastic
19" rack enclosure
Weight, outdoor enclosure600 (H) x 500 (W) x 200 (D) mm
Powering177 (H) x 433 (W) x 555 (D) mm
approx 40kg
Internal battery90 ... 264 VAC, 45 ... 65 Hz
Battery regulator24 VDC (30 VDC max.)
Temperature compensation2.6 Ah/12 V
Deep discharge protectionCharge/recharge control
Standard sensor options
Wind speed & directionWMT52, WMT700
Atmospheric pressureBARO-1, PTB330
Air temperature, relative humidity & dew pointHMP155
Rain/precipitationModel 50202, DRD11A
Water temperatureDTS12W
Vaisala weather transmitterWXT520
GPS SatelliteCompass Vector G2
Visibility sensorsPWD10/20/50
Present weather sensorsPWD12/22/52
Wave and tide sensorWGS167
Water Current sensor4830 Z-pulse DCS
Water salinity sensor3919
Water level sensorPAA-36XW
Ship motion sensorDMS-525
Solar radiation/sun duration
Additional sensor options
RS485/RS232 sensors
SDI-12 sensors
Ethernet devices
Analog sensors, with differential measurement up to 10 sensors total
Digital sensors, two counter/frequency inputs
Software controlled power outputs
Data validation, calculations and reports
Data Quality Control
Upper/lower climatological limits Step change validation
Statistical calculations averaging over user set periods
True & relative wind, wind selection (upwind)
Message inputs/outputs
NMEA 0183 MVW/XDR/MTW message output
NMEA 0183 HDT/RMC/VTG/GLL message input
Vaisala SMSAWS message output
Standard communication options
Satellite communication Iridium, Inmarsat-C
Wireless communication UHF, VHF, GSM, GPRS
Landline communication RS232, RS485 bus, LAN
Data displays, Vaisala Panel displays
Pocket/Laptop/Tabletop PC
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