Vaisala Present Weather Detectors PWD22 and PWD52

  • Accurate, traceable measurement of prevailing visibility
  • Detects precipitation type
  • Measures the intensity and accumulation of precipitation
  • Estimates snow accumulation
  • Indicates the cause of reduced visibility
  • Robust and dependable
  • Weather-proof design reduces need for maintenance
  • Easy to install, easy to integrate
Technical Specifications
Visibility (MOR) measurement
Measurement range
10...20,000 m (32 ft...12 miles)
Measurement range
10...35,000 m (32 ft...21 miles)
Present weather
Identifies7 different types of precipitation (rain, freezing rain, drizzle, freezing drizzle, mixed rain/snow, snow, ice pellets)
Fog, mist, haze (smoke, sand) or clear.
ReportsWMO 4680 (SYNOP), 4678 (METAR) and NWS code tables
49 different codes supported from WMO 4680 code table
Operating environment
Temperature-40...+60 °C
Humidity0...100 %RH
Inputs and outputs
OutputsRS232, RS485, analog current, relay control
Operating voltage12 VDC...50 VDC (electronics)
24 VAC or 24 VDC for heater option
Power consumption PWD22 and PWD526 W
Dimensions222 mm (h) x 695 mm (w) x 432 mm (d)
(8.73” (h) x 27.35 “ (w) x 16.99”(d))
Weight3 kg (6.61 lb)
For complete specifications, please see the brochure or user guide in "Documents".
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