Vaisala Radiosonde RS92


Upper-Air Weather Observation comprises the Vaisala Radiosonde RS92 family, the Vaisala DigiCORA® Sounding System MW31/MW41 and DigiCORA® sounding software.

The models of RS92 operating in the 400 MHz meteorological band include the Vaisala Radiosonde RS92-SGP with code correlating GPS wind finding and the Vaisala radiosonde RS92-AM for defense customers who have access to Precise Positioning Service (PPS) GPS receivers.

The RS92-D is a 1680 MHz addition to the RS92 radiosonde family. It replaces the RS80-67 and is used with Vaisala Radiotheodolite RT20 systems.

As a CAL-4 calibrated radiosonde, the RS92 offers national meteorological services the world’s highest level of PTU (pressure, temperature, relative humidity) measurement performance. Furthermore, the code correlating GPS technology of the RS92-SGP supports national upper-air programs with continuous wind data availability at high resolution.

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