Ship Detection System

HELZEL Messtechnik GmbH is the German TÜV certified manufacturer of the well known Remote Ocean Sensing System WERA. The shore-based WERA provides reliable data of ocean surface currents and significant wave height and direction over long distances (> 200 km) with outstanding spatial and temporal resolution for VTS, SAR and environmental protection applications.

The robust shore based system delivers reliable data even under extreme weather and very dynamic ocean current conditions. Numerous live comparisons of the WERA data with other measurement techniques prove the high quality of the near real-time measurements of the system. Time series comparison of the surface currents (WERA data in black) and sub-surface currents measured with an ADCP current meter during the experiment at the west coast of Florida.

Provided Ocean Data

WERA combines all information for modern Coastal Management. Measurements with high spatial and temporal resolution of Surface Currents, Wind Direction and Wave Parameters.

More than 200 km
Range resolution as fine as 250 m
Temporal resolution 3 to 10 min

Significant wave height and directional
spectra up to 100 km

Direction up to 200 km
Wind speed (under investigation)

Technical Features

Flexible system

  • (5 to 50 MHz) easily configured for long ranges (more than 300 km @ 5 MHz)
  • or short range applications with highest spatial resolution (250 m)
  • High temporal resolution
  • 30 s for ship tracking
  • 3 min for currents
  • 10 min for waves


Up to 200 km
Non-realtime version for scientific applications

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