SIMLAB - Advanced Solutions for Modeling & Simulation

SIMLAB is a Vitrociset facility created to meet the growing demand for modeling, simulation and virtual reality applications to support the production cycle of complex systems or for training staff who manage critical situations and emergencies.

The result of decades of experience gained by Vitrociset in the simulation of “mission & safety critical” systems for defence and national security, space missions and air traffic control, SIMLAB provides expertise, products and infrastructure for the development and implementation of open, interoperable, federated and cost effective solutions in the following areas:

  • Management of critical situations such as environmental disasters, terrorist attacks, police or military operations, etc., where the exercise uses real personnel and simulated scenarios (Virtual simulation) or simulated personnel and scenarios (Constructive simulation)
  • Engineering of complex systems, from the design phase, in which the simulation is used to calculate and predict the system’s behaviour for different conditions and scenarios of use, to logistical support, where a synthetic representation of the system and the employment of augmented reality techniques can improve the efficiency of maintenance activities
  • Training on complex systems, by means of product simulators and training in understanding, procedures, decisions and strategies for different scenarios, also in “serious games” mode.

SIMLAB has the following facilities for this purpose:

  • M&S Content Creation Services, for modeling and implementation of synthetic scenarios in Virtual and Constructive domains
  • Virtual Battlefield Training System, for the building of Virtual and Constructive training rooms
  • 3Dream, for the rapid development and effective visualisation of scenarios in 3D
  • LVC/C2 Gateway for HLA/DIS interoperability between distributed simulation systems aimed at sharing real-time synthetic scenarios in Live, Virtual, Constructive domains and Command & Control
  • ICT Secure Infrastructure, for the design, development, rapid prototyping, testing and validation of the systems offered.

SIMLAB has multiple and easily customisable scenarios available, such as:

  • Extinguish Forest Fire Simulation & Training for immersive 3D simulation of forest fires and the training of firefighters
  • Police Operations Simulation & Training for police mission planning and training
  • 3D Control Tower Simulation & Training for immersive 3D training of tower controllers in the use of ATC and Weather systems
  • SOC Simulation & Training: for the contextual training, within a single synthetic scenario of Control Room operators and intervention teams
  • Crowds Evacuation Simulation & Training: for the modeling and simulation of the management of the evacuation of crowds from indoor areas.
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