SSAC - Security System for Access Control

SSAC - Security System for Access Control - is an integrated area monitoring and vehicle and people access system created by Vitrociset.

The system is designed to protect physical spaces, surveying the local area, protecting urban and local communities but, above all, protecting critical infrastructure such as ports and airports.

The technologies used are seamlessly integrated together to meet the specific security needs of our Customers. Indeed, Vitrociset is able to develop its own ad hoc solutions, designing and implementing advanced management systems and security control across the board.

These systems involve the use of:

  • smart cameras for intelligent audio and video analysis of scenes;
  • IR cameras to detect intrusions even in unlit areas;
  • intrusion detection systems with IR, microwave, and seismic vibration barriers to monitor perimeters;
  • vehicle and pedestrian access control systems for the clear identification of people and vehicles.

The SSAC modules differ depending on their intended use. In the case ofan access control system for vehicles, video cameras read number plates and dangerous goods panels (Kemler/ONU), equipped with OCR - Optical Character Recognition, and, in the case of goods transport, ILU - BIC container codes. The system also uses video cameras to film passenger compartments, to associate the plate and the driver of the vehicle in order to record movement in either direction through a checkpoint.

For the monitoring of people, SSAC provides, in addition to identity recognition based on tokens (Badges, Tags and NFC) and maybe PIN numbers, the ability to integrate biometric recognition systems based on a digital footprint, face or palm print. Major Customers have used this type of identification system successfully, integrating state required legal procedures with management systems to address the problem of infiltration by organised crime into economic activities.

SSAC enables the integration of several functional systems and tools for the detection, control and verification of data in areas and/or specific contexts:

  • smart video cameras equipped with video analysis tools;
  • ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition;
  • AOCR (Advanced Optical Character Recognition) video cameras, which can read dangerous goods panels (Kemler - ONU) and container codes (ILU - BIC);
  • detection and entry clearance with RFID reader, Barcode, or NFC together, if necessary with PIN numbers or identification systems based on biometric readers;
  • video entry phones, road bars, traffic lights;
  • automatic document readers at the checkpoint;
  • processing of local access data;
  • local and remote control station;
  • mobile station for access management for both smartphones and tablets;
  • latest generation networking systems such as WiMAX, Hiperlan and Wi-Fi Mesh.

Thus SSAC can also be used for tracking and tracing of accesses as well as for the proper application of security procedures. Precise information about the number and identity of people/vehicles present in the area makes it possible to handle any abnormal situations with greater efficiency.

The secret of our success is we are all working together.