Designed to interface with almost any sensor, the Taurus offers industry-leading performance and versatility in a field portable seismograph.

This lightweight, hand-held instrument can record continuous data for over 800 days operating at a mere 750mw. Consisting of a high-resolution 24-bit ADC, a precision GPS clock, and removable internal storage capabilities of up to 64G, the Taurus combines all the attributes of a stand-alone recorder with the benefits of internet and wireless communications.

User interface is simplified through an integrated colour graphics display and a five-button keypad providing instant access to real-time or recorded data. MiniSEED files are recorded directly to FAT32 formatted removable media (Compact Flash), allowing users to seamlessly transfer files to a PC or laptop for immediate analysis.

The Taurus simplifies field deployments by eliminating the need for auxiliary peripherals such as laptops and breakout boxes. Applications:

  • Broadband seismic studies
  • Emergency networks
  • Strong Motion Studies
  • Aftershock studies
  • Seismic networking via internet
  • Controlled source recording
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Infrasound data acquisition
  • Local site storage in Libra VSAT Networks
  • Excellent data quality with 24-bit resolution and precise GPS timing
  • Hand-held, all-in-one seismograph capable of interfacing with any modern broadband or short period sensor with a single cable
  • Suitable for long-term deployments with >800 day recording capacity
  • Efficient, low-power design requires only 750mw while acquiring 3 channels at 100 sps. Taurus can operate remotely on a 10Ah battery and 18W solar panel
  • Convenient data retrieval using internal, yet accessible, hot-swap media (FAT 32 compact flash)
  • Real-time data streaming capability for network applications via UDP/IP multicast and http over 10/100 Base-T Ethernet or the serial data port (SLIP) as well as dial-up or wireless internet connections
  • Integrated display provides access to various acquisition, monitoring, configuration and instrument status web pages.
  • Easily interpreted web page display format provides onboard and remote access to real-time and historic data, GPS status, instrument configuration, and field procedures
  • Data output provided in industry standard formats, including miniSEED, sorted miniSEED, ASCII, SEISAN and SEG-Y

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Channels 3 standard, field upgradeable to 6 or 9 with addition of external Trident digitizers
Sampling Simultaneous
Input voltage range 40 V peak-to-peak differential (at gain 0.4)
Nominal sensitivity 1 count/micro-volt (gain 1)
Hardware gain selection Software configurable 0.4, 1, 2, 4, 8
Software gain User configurable 0.001 to 100
High pass filter User configurable in mHz
Type Proprietary high order sigma-delta
Digital filter 140dB attenuation at output Nyquist
Filter type Linear phase (consult factory for other options)
Dynamic range >140dB @ 100sps (max sine wave above shorted input)
Sample rates
Subsample Decimation  Factors
10, 20, 40, 50, 80, 100, 120, 200, 250, 500 sps
2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 120, 200, 250
Sensor types Broadband active and short period passive
Control lines 3; typically used for Cal enable, mass center and mass lock/unlock Logic level configurable; High: 5V, 12V,open drain. Low: 0, open drain
Sensor power Supply power pass-through to sensor (9-36 VDC). Protected against short circuit. Sensor power can be switched on/off from user interface.
Taurus records continuous SOH: > GPS state-of health
> Instrument temperature
> Seismometer mass position
> Signal clip indication bit
> Calibration enabled bit for each channel
User accessible SOH 4 external SOH channels (12-bit)
Configuration Complete configuration audit trail
Communications Complete audit trail with cumulative good/bad packet counts
Log file All software
Media options 1. Dual Removable Compact Flash:
> EXT3 format (Store Files)
> FAT32 format (miniSEED Files)
2. Removable CF and 1.8" ATA disk drive
Capacity >800 days continuous recording, 3-channels @100sps 
Recording modes Continuous; write once or ringbuffer (overwrites oldest data) Continuous with STA/LTA trigger flags
File system Ext3 (Linux) Drivers provided for Windows XP
Compact flash readable on standard USB flash card reader
Format Nanometrics Store and MiniSEED 
Data retrieval Media exchange: Compact flash are field swappable. Flash readable on standard flash card readers
Download interfaces Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
Interfaces Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
Protocols UDP/IP unicast/multicast
RS-232 serial with IP drivers
LCD display 240x320 color graphics display with backlight
Interface Web browser with five button navigation
LED System status tri-color LED, Ethernet Communications LED, Media status LED.
LCD display 240x320 color graphics display with backlight
Taurus is configurable locally via the color LCD display and onboard browser or remotely using any web browser connected to the unit. Multiple unit configuration is achieved using an optional group configuration web server. Consult factory for further information.
Operating system Linux
Applications software Nanometrics Next Generation NAQS Server with web interface
Sensor connector 26-pin mil circular. Primary data channels, sensor control lines, protected/switchable sensor power, digital serial sensor management interface
Serial/USB 19-pin mil circular
Serial port 1 Rx, Tx, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, CD, RI
Serial port 2 Rx, Tx, RTS,  CTS (data collection from serial devices)
GPS TNC, active antenna connection (3.3 V)
Ethernet 4-pin mil circular, 10/100 Base-T
User SOH 7-pin mil circular, 4 analog SOH inputs, SOH ref., 3.3V @10mA power
NMXBus 4-pin mil circular, NMXbus data and power
Power 3-pin mil circular, 9-36 VDC
USB USB Master/slave accessible behind media door
Supply Voltage 9-36 VDC
Power system Protected electronic resettable fuse design with configurable low voltage disconnect and restart, reverse battery and short circuit protection
Ultra low power mode 650 mW @ 12Volts. 3-channel continuous recording @100sps, <100 usec timing precision, Compact flash recording
Low power mode 1.1 Watt @ 12Volts; 3-channel continuous recording @100sps, continuous serial data acquisition (external geodetic GPS or equivalent), <100 usec timing precision, internal disk or Compact flash recording.
Communications mode 1.5 Watt typical; 3-channel continuous recording @100sps, <100 usec timing precision, real-time Ethernet or serial communications
Configuration mode <3.5 Watts. All systems operational including color graphics display.
Low voltage disconnect Software configurable
Operating Temperature -20C to +60C base unit using Compact Flash storage
+5C to +55C base unit using 1.8” ATA disk storage
Storage Temperature -40C to +70C
Humidity 100%
Length 264mm
Width 147mm
Depth 60mm
Weight 1.8 Kg
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