Vaisala Thunderstorm Total Lightning Sensor TLS200


Total Lightning Sensor TLS200 combines VHF interferometry with LF magnetic direction finding and time-of-arrival technologies for the highest level of total lightning mapping detection capabilities with calibrated lightning parameters.

Total lightning mapping provides the information to improve warnings and situational awareness. This can yield improved operational efficiency with less downtime and fewer false alarms all without jeopardizing safety.

Applications include:

  • Aviation and Airports
  • Defense
  • Meteorology research
  • Climatology research
  • Wind Energy and Power Utilities
Technical Specifications
Source GPS receiver
Accuracy +/-50 nanoseconds to UTC
Operational Reliability
Mean time between failures (MTBF) >30,000 hours
Mean time to repair (MTTR) <1 hour
10m ground mount with concrete pads for mast
5m roof mount option
2 m tower mount option
SAFIR and LS8000 upgrade kits
Environmental Conditions
Temperature-20 °C to +50 °C
Relative Humidity0 to 100 % condensing
Wind Speed0-200 km/h
Altitudeup to 5500 meters*
Hail1.0 cm in diameter
Ice1.0 cm
Rain8 cm/h at wind speed 65 km/h
*Above 3000 meters, special conditions apply
Communication Interfaces
Asynchronous RS-232 at 38,400 bps minimum (data only)
Ethernet (recommended) for full functionality
Power Requirements
100 - 120 VAC, 6.0 A max, 50 - 60 H
200 - 240 VAC, 3.6 A max, 50 - 60 Hz

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