Vaisala Thunderstorm Tracking Software LTS2005


Vaisala Thunderstorm Lightning Tracking Software LTS2005 displays real-time lightning in easy-to-use formats for monitoring thunderstorm cell development, assessing severity, and forecasting storm path and intensity. LTS2005 issues audible, visual and e-mail warnings and all clears.

LTS2005 is designed for operations responsible for accurate forecasting and nowcasting over large areas ranging from several hundred to thousands of square kilometers:

  • Meteorological and hydrometeorological agencies
  • Air traffic management
  • Electric power companies
  • Forestry and land management agencies
  • International airports
  • Telecommunications networks
  • Defense

LTS2005 is also appropriate for smaller operations focused on lightning risk management.

Easy-to-interpret display modes, system settings, warning area definitions, and online help files can be handled by operators who are not trained as meteorologists.

Features and Benefits:

  • Live looping with new lightning locations updated during each loop
  • E-mail warnings and all clears
  • Customization of map layers
  • Any size or shape warning areas
  • Displays stroke or flash cloud-to-ground lightning data
  • Displays cloud data where available
  • Forecasted cell locations shown in cell display mode
  • Query individual lightning events
  • Import map files compatible with MapInfo®
  • Create multiple warning areas of any size or shape
  • Audible, visual, and e-mail warnings when alarm conditions are met
  • Return to normal state and all-clear e-mail sent when alarm conditions expire
  • Easily define and modify areas
  • Create .avi files for review of historic lightning
  • Password protected system settings
  • Optional ASCII output for use in other programs
  • Optional automatic image capture/save
  • Ability to use corporate logo
Technical Specifications
System Configuration
Operating SystemWindows® XP and 7
Communications InterfacesTCP/IP
Satellite receiver with term server
Contact your Vaisala Sales Representative for recommended system configurations along with turnkey installations that include workstations, communications and data services.
Lightning Data Source
Lightning data U.S. National Lightning Detection Network®, Canadian Lightning Detection Network, Global Lightning Dataset GLD360, or from any lightning detection network using Vaisala Thunderstorm Central Processor TLP and preceding central processors CP8000 or CP7000LP (IMPACT) and CPS (SAFIR).
Support Services
Training and technical support services are available for maintaining optimal software and systems performance. Contact your Vaisala Sales Representative for service agreement information.
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