Vaisala Thunderstorm Warning System TWX300


Vaisala Thunderstorm Warning System TWX300 uses real-time lightning information from Vaisala’s scientifically validated lightning detection networks in combination with on-site electric field mills to monitor approaching thunderstorms and those that may develop overhead.

Operations and safety managers rely on Vaisala Thunderstorm Warning System TWX300 to support safety goals, improve operational efficiency, and eliminate the subjective nature of ceasing activities due to lightning in the area of concern. TWX300 is designed for working environments that are most vulnerable to the hazards of lightning and need up-to-the second 24/7 lightning tracking, and automated lightning warnings including:

  • Airports
  • Explosives testing
  • Mining and blasting operations
  • Munitions depots
  • Refineries
  • Sporting facilities
  • Outdoor events

Features and Benefits

  • Diagnostic replay to analyze past events and improve operational efficiencies
  • Lightning density display mode
  • Email notification of warnings and all clears
  • Time-controlled email notification and relay settings
  • Auto-screen image capture to distribute display information on an Intranet
  • Alarm file viewer for a visual timeline of warnings
  • Supports Vaisala’s secondary data format for use of total lightning information
  • Track cloud-to ground and/or cloud data approaching and leaving the area of concern
  • Measure electrostatic field levels for reliable monitoring of lightning development overhead
  • High-resolution GIS mapping from MapInfo®
  • Create multiple warning areas of any size or shape
  • Automatically triggers alarms and all-clears throughout facility

Field Mills

Up to 7 on-site Vaisala Electric Field Mills can be added to monitor overhead lightning potential. Vaisala Electric Field Mills measure the actual electrostatic charge in the local atmosphere to show when conditions are ideal for lightning to occur.

Remote Alarm Displays

Vaisala Remote Alarm Displays (RADS) display the warning levels in red, amber, and green LED arrays and sound 90 decibel audio alarms throughout a facility.

Technical Specifications
TWX300 Workstation
Provided by Vaisala with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system (minimum), TWX300 software, Vaisala Lightning Data Server (VLDS), Watchdog Timer and Card, and optional Relay Card.
TWX300 Software
Includes the Main Application, Diagnostic Replay, Central Data File Viewer, EFM Data File Viewer, Alarm File Viewer, Configuration File Viewer, and TWXS1200 Central Data File Converter.
TWX300 Interfaces
Local Sensors – 0 to 7 Vaisala Electric Field Mill EFM550s
Alarm Distribution – Remote Alarm Display System (RADS) via RS232/Ethernet Device Server or Modem; Email notification via Ethernet; or Relays via RS232, RS232/Ethernet Device Server, or Modem.
Threat Display – Remote Alarm Display System (RADS) and TWX300 software RADS Display Window
Lightning Data Source
Lightning data U.S. National Lightning Detection Network®, Canadian Lightning Detection Network, Global Lightning Dataset GLD360, or from any lightning detection network using Vaisala Thunderstorm Central Processor TLP and preceding central processors CP8000 or CP7000LP (IMPACT) and CPS (SAFIR).
Electric Field Mill EFM550
Range+/- 10,000 V/m max.
Mount Height30 in. (76.2 cm) min.
See Vaisala Electric Field Mill EFM550 Data Sheet for more detailed specifications
Remote Alarm Display System (RADS)
Basic Display - Three colored (red, amber, green) 20 dual-LED light panels support up to five combinations of threat condition Reliability Features – Visually alerts user to outage of TWX300 processor or communications. Built-in battery backup.
Relay Kit
Relays8 form C relays rated for 15A at 24DC and 120VAC, and 10A at 240VAC
Load Rating5A for all three voltage ranges
Support Services
Training, technical support, and spare parts services are available for maintaining optimal system performance. Contact your Sales Representative for Vaisala Lifeguard TWX300 service agreement information. Vaisala provides a manufacturers warranty for one-year from the date of delivery.
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