Trillium 360 Borehole


Our Trillium family now includes the best very broadband borehole seismometer on the market!

The Trillium 360 BH is the highest performing borehole seismometer available. The Trillium 360 BH meets GSN operational requirements and is ideal anytime you want better understanding of seismicity on a global scale.

The Trillium Borehole 360 offers:

  • the lowest magnetic sensitivity of any broadband seismometer
  • a fail-safe holelock release mechanism that prevents jamming to the casement during removal
  • an extended low-frequency range useful out to beyond a 10,000-second time period
  • a high-pressure, marine-grade connector
  • self-correction over a tilt range of +/-5 degrees
  • the ability to resolve below Peterson's new low-noise model (NLNM) down to a 300-second time period
  • a wide dynamic range with a clip level of +/-18.2 mm/s up to 10 Hz and +/-0.17g > 10 Hz

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Topology Symmetric triaxial
Feedback Force balance with capacitive transducer
Leveling Internal automated leveling ±5º 
Leveling initiation Control line or serial port command
Mass centering Motorized re-centering automatically initiated during leveling sequence
Holelock Motorized single jaw, non-jamming
Alignment North line on top cap; optional alignment rod for downhole orientation
Self-noise Below the NLNM from 300 s to 10Hz (see Performance tab)
Sensitivity 1100 V-s/m ±0.5% precision
Dynamic tilt Maximum tilt without auto-levelling ±0.025º
Bandwidth -3 dB points at 373 s and 155 Hz
Clip level 18.2 mm/s up to 10 Hz and 0.17 g above 10 Hz
Transfer function Lower corner poles within ±0.5% of nominal provided / 
High-frequency response within ±1 dB of nominal up to 50 Hz
Temperature ±10°C without recentering
Magnetic sensitivity <0.03 (m/s2)/T
Velocity output 40 V peak-to-peak  
Selectable XYZ or UVW mode
Mass position output Three independent voltage outputs
Calibration input Single voltage input for all channels, independent calibration enabled for each channel  
Calibration in XYZ or UVW
Control lines Mass Center, Calibration Enable, XYZ/UVW mode
Connector 20-pin marine
Serial port RS-232 compatible serial IP (SLIP)  
Onboard web server standard HTTP  
For enhanced instrument control and status: self-levelling and mass centering, UWV/XYZ mode, short/long period mode, firmware updates, temperature, mass position, instrument status, serial number and factory info
Supply voltage 9 to 36 Volts DC isolated input
Protection Reverse-voltage protected  
Auto-resettable over-current protection (No fuse to replace)
Power consumption 800mW typical at 15V input
1.5A to operate holelock
Case design Stainless steel pressure vessel and holelock
Diameter 146 mm (5.75"), including external magnetic shield
Height 886 mm (34.9") not including connector or actuator guard pipe
Weight 30 kg
Parasitic resonances None below 100 Hz
Handling Eye bolt on lid for lifting cable
1300lbf (5800N) rated
Operating temperature -20ºC to 60ºC (ultra-low temperature option available, please contact Nanometrics)
Storage temperature -40ºC to 70ºC
Shock 20 g half sine, 5 ms without damage, 6 axes  
No mass lock required for transport
Water immersion Rated to IP68 and NEMA6P for continous submersion
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