Vaisala ALARM


Automated Lightning Alert and Risk Management System is an automated, easy-to-use display of approaching and overhead lightning threats.

Manage lightning risk with lightning threat display and automated warnings

  • Cloud-to-ground lightning activity shown in three ranges and in directional octants when used with a Vaisala TSS 928™ sensor
  • Cloud lightning counts when used with a Vaisala TSS 928™ sensor
  • Electric field intensity measurements when used with up to seven Vaisala EFM II sensors
  • Displays data within a 30-nautical mile (56-km) radius around the location
  • Map overlays

Custom Alarm Setting

  • Set alarms for specific lightning activity levels in each range and directional octant and for cloud lightning
  • Set alarms for unsafe electric field levels
  • Choice of automatic audible, visual and e-mail message alarms
  • Send alarm messages to any e-mail-enabled cell phone or pager
  • Logically combine cloud-to-ground,cloud and electric field intensity alarms for complete customization for unique local environments
Technical Specifications
Vaisala ALARM displays electric field measurements from up to seven Vaisala electric field mills and real-time lightning flash data from one Vaisala local lightning Thunderstorm Sensor. Vaisala ALARM system includes a personal computer, network card, software, color monitor and power strip with surge protection.
Hardware Requirements
Personal ComputerDesktop
ProcessorPentium® III 750 MHz (minimum 500 MHz)
Hard Drive Space20 GB
Ports2 serial
Monitor17" (choose from standard and flat screen options)
Resolution1024 x 768 pixels (or higher)
Color Depth24 bit
PeripheralsCD-ROM drive, floppy drive, surge suppressing power strip
Operating System
Microsoft Windows® 2000 (Service Pak 6.0), Windows XP®, Windows NT® (Service Pak 2.0)
The standard data link between the Vaisala ALARM system and Vaisala electric field mills and Vaisala local lightning is by direct serial connection via two RS-232 ports.
Communications Options
Communications card (32-bit PCI, 8 serial ports)
For connecting to sensors within 10,000 feet of the system, communications hardware is a RS-232 cable, a RS-232/RS-422 interface, and a RS-422 cable. Other configurations are available for distances exceeding 10,000 feet.
Additional Options
Relay card32-bit PCI, eight outputs; termination card and connecting cable
UPSAPC 1000 VA, 120V or 240V
Battery pack for UPS extended backup
Support Services
Vaisala ALARM system training can be tailored to your specific needs. Technical support is available online and via telephone, e-mail and fax. Contact your sales representative for details.
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