VBRAIN SUITE - System for Automation and Remote Control

VBrain suite is a Vitrociset’s product created for the world of automation and remote control: it’s designed for the realization of complex systems able to satisfy the various needs that can be encountered in various technological contexts.

VBrain suite is composed by a basic product and other 6 designed for specific domains. The basic product is VBrain EMS (Enterprise Management System), a comprehensive product for automation and remote control.

The vertical products are:

  • VBrain BMS designed for the building management
  • VBrain Energy designed for the energy management
  • VBrain WAS designed for the water management
  • VBrain ELSA designed for the electro smog analysis
  • VBrain DCM designed for the data center management
  • VBrain Security designed to realize integrated security systems.

All products in the suite allow to realize remote control systems and can cover many technological domains covering various needs. The multi-tier architecture allows each node in the system to share its data with nodes of different hierarchical level enabling collaboration between control rooms on a wide geographical scale.

Application opportunities are the most various: individual housing, public housing and private office buildings, hospitals, and technological plants. In any situation, the system allows to have real time control of plant operation, ensuring constantly to the user the service and timeliness and efficiency in maintenance, in order to reduce, or in some cases prevent, anomalies or interruptions of business continuity.

VBrain is compliant with the interoperability standard OPC-UA (introduced by the OPC Foundation) and this means having an advanced instrument that integrates a wide variety of objects and interact with other similar systems. The product is also compliant with other standard industrial protocols (such as Modbus RTU / TCP, SNMP, ADS,OPC, CEI-ABI, third-parties SDK).

There is also a module “Notifier” that is responsible for sending notifications (e-mail, sms, etc.) when specific events occur and a historical module for the execution of post-analysis operations. VBrain is very flexible in managing user profiles. There is a specific module to assign to each profile and each user specific permissions for individual operations.

The user interfaces are tailored according to the Customer needs and they can be realized in both desktop and web version, in the last case using responsive design technology. Both modes provide all system functionalities.

In term of security, thanks to OPC UA Communication Layer, all VBrain products provide authentication through credentials (user and password) and exchange of digital certificates. Communication channels are encrypted using asymmetric (RSA) and symmetric (AES128) encryption.

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