Vaisala Weather Radar WRK100


For customers who require coherent transmitter, Vaisala Single Polarization Doppler Weather Radar WRK100 is equipped with klystron transmitter technology. WRK100 offers exceptional spectral purity and phase noise performance. Single polarization WRK100 can later easily be upgraded to dual polarization. Vaisala Weather Radar provides superior data quality, accurate measurement, easy maintenance access, low maintenance costs, semi-yoke style antenna/pedestal with a low momentum of inertia and weight.

Technical Specifications
TypeKlystron VKC8387
Operating frequency range5.6 - 5.65 GHz
Peak Power250 kW
ModulatorSolid State
TypeCenter-fed parabolic reflector
Diameter4.5 m
Gain (typical)45 dB
Beam width<1 degree
TypeSemi yoke elevation over azimuth
Elevation Range-2 to 108 degrees
Maximum Scan Rate40 deg/sec
Operating environment-40° to +55° C, 0 to 95% RH, non condensing
Storage environment-50° to +50° C
RF-to-IF Receiver
TypeDual stage IF downconverter
Dynamic Range (1.0 µs)> 99 dB (option > 115 dB)
IF Frequency442 / 60 MHz
Digital IF Receiver and Signal Processor
TypeVaisala Sigmet RVP900
Clutter filtersfixed, adaptive or GMAP to >55 dB clutter cancellation
IF Digitizing16 bits, 100 MHz in 5 channels
Radar Controller
TypeVaisala SIGMET RCP8 with IRIS/Radar
System Specifications
Physical dimensions Cabinet (w x h x d)1400 x 1800 x 1300 mm
Dual Pol ready
Factory prepared antenna and pedestal for dual pol

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