Vaisala Weather Radar WRM100


WRM100 is a single polarization Doppler weather radar with upgrade possibility to dual polarization. The WRM100 provides superior data quality, accurate measurement, easy maintenance access, low maintenance costs, semi-yoke style antenna/pedestal with a low momentum of inertia and weight.

Selection of applications such as:

  • weather surveillance
  • severe weather monitoring
  • hydrometeorological applications, e.g. flood forecasting
  • airport wind shear detection
  • hurricane/typhoon/cyclone tracking
Technical Specifications
TypeCoaxial Magnetron
Operating frequency range5.5 - 5.7 GHz
Peak Power250 kW
ModulatorSolid State
TypeCenter-fed parabolic reflector
Diameter4.5 m
Gain (typical)45 dB
Beam width<1 degree
TypeSemi yoke elevation over azimuth
Elevation Range-2 to 108 degrees
Maximum Scan Rate40 deg/sec
Operating environment-40° to +55° C, 0 to 95% R.H., non condensing
Storage environment-50° to +60° C
RF-to-IF Receiver
TypeDual stage, dual channel if downconverter
Dynamic Range> 99 dB (option 115 dB)
IF Frequency442 / 60 MHz
Digital IF Receiver and Signal Processor
TypeVaisala RVP900
Clutter filtersfixed, adaptive or GMAP to >55 dB clutter cancellation
IF Digitizing16 bits, 100 MHz in 5 channels
Radar Controller
TypeVaisala Sigmet RCP8 with IRIS/Radar
System Specifications
Physical dimensions Cabinet (w x h x d)600 x 1800 x 1150 mm
Dual Pol ready
Factory prepared antenna and pedestal for dual pol

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