Vaisala Wind Sensor WM30

  • Combined wind speed and direction sensor with affordable price
  • Compact and light design is optimal for mobile applications
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast and linear response to wind
Technical Specifications
Wind speed
Sensor / transducer typeDual reed switch
Measurement range0.5...60 m/s
Starting threshold<0.4 m/s
Distance constant2 m
Transducer output1 Hz ~ 0.7 m/s
Accuracy(range 0.4...60 m/s)
wind speed up to10 m/s ±0.3 m/s
wind speed over10 m/s error < 2%
Wind direction
Sensor / transducer typePotentiometer
Measurement range
WMS301 1-wiper potentiometer0...355°
WMS302 2-wiper potentiometer0...360°
Starting threshold<1.0 m/s
Delay distance0.6 m
Accuracybetter than ±3°
Operating supply voltage3...15 VDC
Operating temperature
Operating temperature-40...+55 °C (-40...+131 °F)
Storage temperature-60...+65 °C (-76...+149 °F)
For complete specifications, please see the datasheet or user guide in "Documents".
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