Vaisala Wind Set WA15

  • High-performance wind measurement set
  • Long and successful track record in meteorological applications
  • Low measurement starting threshold
  • Conical anemometer cups provide excellent linearity
  • Heated shaft prevents bearings from freezing
Technical Specifications
Wind speed
Sensor / transducer typecup anemometer / opto-chopper
Measurement range0.4...75 m/s
Starting threshold<0.5 m/s*
Distance constant2.0 m
Accuracy (range 0.4...60 m/s)
with characteristic transfer function±0.17 m/s **
with transfer function U=0.1xR±0.5 m/s
* Measured with cup wheel in position least favoured by flow direction. Optimum position gives approx. 0.35 m/s threshold. ** Standard deviation.
Wind direction
Sensor / transducer typevane / optical code disc
Measurement range (wind speed 0.4...75 m/s)0...360°
Starting threshold<0.4 m/s
Delay distance0.4 m
Accuracybetter than ±3°
Inputs and outputs
Operating power supply
WAA151, WAV151
U=9.5...15.5 VDC, 20 mA typical
Heating power supply
WAA151, WAV151
20 VAC or VDC, 500 mA nominal
Output for WAA151 (wind speed)
Transducer output0...75 m/s = 0...750 Hz square wave
Transfer functionU = 0.328 + 0.101 x R
(U = wind speed [m/s], R = o/p pulse rate [Hz])
Transducer outputlevel (Iout < +5 mA) high state > Uin-1.5 V
(Iout > -5 mA) low state < 2.0 V
Output for WAV151 (wind direction)
Transducer output6-bit parallel GRAY code
Transducer outputlevel (Iout < +5 mA) high state > Uin-1.5 V
(Iout > -5 mA) low state < 1.5 V
Operating temperature
With shaft heating-50...+55 °C (-58...+131 °F)
Storage temperature-60...+70 °C (-76...+158 °F)
For complete specifications, please see the datasheet or user guide in "Documents".
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